Create personal digital experiences and a potential buying journey like shopping assisitants in eCommerce

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eCommerce solutions support the buying experiences and consumer’s transaction: catalog display, discounts, promotions, checkout, price management, payment, logistics, taxes,… Web content management solutions have evolved into creating and facilitating the customer’s buying journey to get them TO that transaction. The WCMS facilitates SEO, improvements in content targeting, multi-lingual capabilities, multichannel content optimization (mobile, social etc..) […]

Social Content Media

How to monitor nearby social content?

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Social media are used by SMBs to generate leads and build brand awareness. More advanced strategies are about monitoring on what consumers nearby are saying about your business online. This process is called social monitoring  and we have dashboards available just to do that: Get a birds-eye view with perch Discover audiences and influencers all over the […]


Swedish eCommerce Startup Tictail secures $22M in round B founding

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Tictail provides designers, artists and independent brands with their own online stores and the marketing tools to drive sales. Set-up is free and users can start in minutes. Tictail is free but makes money from addons, marketing and promotional services, like those for Facebook ad campaigns and discount codes. The headquarters were moved from Stockholm to […]


Is Snap Fashion the Future of online Fashion Shopping?

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I just see my daughters browse, swiping their fingers looking for new shoes or that fantastic fashion item. It’s a natural behavior. Snap Fashion now has taken this natural behavior to build a visual search engine that allows consumers to search, browse and purchase fashion items that are inspired by photos they’ve found online or taken on […]

Local Business - Marketing Concept for Small Business

Geolocation and geomarketing with mobiles

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On average, we gaze at our smartphones around 220 times a day and pick up our devices a whopping 1,500 times a week. With some 2.1 billion smartphones now in use, it’s only natural that marketers try to appeal to mobile-attentive consumers with personalized geolocation targeting and content localization.


Was the long wait for Magento 2 eCommerce worth it?

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You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for. Magento 2 eCommerce was introduced at Magento Imagine 2011 in Las Vegas. Why the wait you will ask? They just wanted to change too much a Magento core team member once told me. Well, what I have seen in Las Vegas, drag and […]